Introducing TSO's New Internet-based MMS Platform

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Market Management System (MMS) enables management and data exchange between AD MEPSO and the participants in the Electricity Market in North Macedonia and between AD MEPSO and the neighboring power system operators in compliance with the EU Regulation and recommendations by ENTSO-E.

ММS has three functional modules: Scheduling, Balancing and Settlement. TSO, the neighbouring operators, also all market participants as power producers, traders, suppliers and auxiliary services providers may use this platform.

The procurement of aFRR and mFRR balancing capacity and balancing energy will be carried out via Internet-based platform starting from December 01, 2022.

TSO procures all aFRR and mFRR balancing capacity and balancing energy through the platform. In the event of technical problems, TSO acquires the offers through other means of communication, for example, e-mail balancing.mepso[at]

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