Compliance Officer

MSc Aleksandar Chabotarev
Compliance Officer in
AD MEPSO – Skopje


tel. 072 805 223

The Compliance Officer is appointed by the Supervisory Board of the Power System Operator (see Decision), as per prior Approval by the Energy Regulatory Commission (link).

The procedure for appointing and discharge, mandate, scope of activity, duties and authorizations, rights and obligations regarding education and training of the employees, prohibition of any other professional activity, free access to information by the Compliance Officer of AD MEPSO – Skopje is laid down in the Rulebook on the work, authorization, rights and duties of the Compliance Officer (available on the following link).

The Compliance Officer monitors the application of the Program, in terms of:

  • independence, transparency, objectivity and unbiasedness in the work of AD MEPSO – Skopje,
  • prevention of discrimination against the users of the power system on any grounds,
  • business confidentiality regarding the data of the users of the power system,
  • coordination and collaboration with AD MEPSO –Skopje and other power system operators, data exchange with other power system operators and participation in the work of other regional and international organizations,
  • education and information of the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board of AD MEPSO – Skopje and the employees of AD MEPSO – Skopje in regards of acting according to the regulations for independence, transparency and unbiasedness.

The Compliance Officer is obliged to submit Annual Reports for the implementation of the Compliance Program and the measures undertaken for its implementation, as well as for significant violations during its implementation to the Supervisory Board of AD MEPSO – Skopje and the Energy Regulatory Commission.

The Annual Report for implementation of the Compliance Program of AD MEPSO – Skopje for 2019 may be downloaded on the following link.

Decision for approval of the Annual Report by ERC (link).

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