Compliance Program

In accordance with Article 73 of the Law on Energy (“Official Gazette of the RM” No.96/18) the Transmission System Operator, regardless its organizational structure, is obliged to adopt Compliance Program, which shall define the measures that have to contribute to prevent discrimination against the users of the transmission system, to determine the duties of the employees concerning the implementation of the Program, and to determine the manner of monitoring the implementation of the same.

This Compliance Program determines the measures that exclude the possibility of the Transmission System Operator of the Republic of North Macedonia, Joint Stock Company for Transmission of Electricity and Power System Management in State Ownership, AD MEPSO – Skopje to discriminate users of the power system on any grounds; it defines the obligations of the employees concerning the implementation of the Program; and it determines the manner of monitoring the activity of AD MEPSO – Skopje in terms of the ownership separation and other obligations laid down by the Law on Energy and this Program.

The Program is aimed at transparent and objective treatment by AD MEPSO – Skopje in favor of the users of the power system.

The Compliance Program in Macedonian language - download here.

The Compliance Program in English language - downloaded here.

The implementation of the Program is monitored by a Compliance Officer in accordance with the Law on Energy and the Statute of AD MEPSO – Skopje.


To report violation of the provisions of the Compliance Program, or any other irregularities in the work of the employees in AD MEPSO, in putatively corrupt behavior, you may use the following FORM.

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