AD MEPSO provides efficient communication and data exchange between NDC and the power installations.

Department of Information Technology and Telecommunication

To provide power system surveillance, protection and control AD MEPSO ensures a quality communication and exchange of data between NDC power installations. To implement this function AD MEPSO plans a short-term and a long-term development of telecommunication systems.

To this effect, AD MEPSO has established a Department for Information Technology and Telecommunications within which operates also Telecommunication division responsible for maintenance, planning and coordination of development of telecommunication network.

An Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) of integrated optical fibers 400 km long and suspension equipment has been supplied with assistance of the loans extended by the World Bank and the European Investment Bank. Final designs have been produced on the transmission line routes on which the earthwire shall be replaced and an invitation to tenderers announced for selecting the most satisfactory contractor related to assembly works. This way the west loop will be closed of AD MEPSO optical fibre network and will be connected with parts of the power system from the eastern part of the country.

The development of the optical-telecommunication network of AD MEPSO is planned to develop in two directions. The first is interconnection with the neighbouring countries power systems, and the second is towards further connection with more significant power facilities and covers the bigger distribution centres in the country.

The construction of the new 400 kV transmission lines (Ss Bitola 2 – SS Meliti (Greece) and Ss Stip – Ss Crvena Mogila (Bulgaria) on which OPGs have been installed will make possible interconnection with the neighbouring systems of Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Greece and telecommunication link of AD MEPSO grid with the telecommunication networks of the power companies of Greece and Bulgaria.

For higher system reliability, the World Bank loan resources have been envisaged to procure a monitoring system for 24 hours monitoring over the optical fiber network with the aim of duly intervention and removal of defects as soon as possible.

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