MEPSO has been granted two licenses from the Energy Regulatory Commission

About US

MEPSO is a Joint Stock  company fully state-owned, established in 2005 after the transformation of the Electric Power Company of Macedonia. The core MEPSO activity is a smooth electricity transmission via the high voltage network, electric power system control and regular and duly electricity flow to its clients such as the large industrial consumers (Bucim, OKTA, Maksteel, Mitalsteel, USJE, Silmak, and FENI Industry), and to the low voltage grid of EVN Macedonia.

Three keys MEPSO functions are the electricity transmission, power control and orpanization of national electircity market. MEPSO is responsible for electricity transmission regular basis from the Macedonian border to the distribution grids, or to the listed big industrial consumers. MEPSO arranges and dispatches the electricity transport throughout Macedonia, as well as takes care of balancing the power system.

To perform its activity MEPSO has been granted licenses from the Energy Regulatory Commission:

A license of doing the energy business and activity in terms of electricity transmission and activity transmission system control.;

A license of doing power business and activity, organization and electricity market control;

MEPSO for its operation charges an electricity transmission fee set by the Energy Regulatory Commission based on MEPSO costs meaning that MEPSO is a nonprofit-oriented company, but it is a public service to citizens and the Macedonian economy.

MEPSO has the high voltage transmission line grid in its ownership such as voltage conversion substations from 400 kV to 110 kV. In MEPSO ownership and control are also: transmission line in total length of 2.021 km and conected sub-stations on transmission grid. MEPSO has more than 550 employees.

In structure, in order to satisfy its demands, MEPSO is divided into headquaters, two subsidiaries and three departments servicing the branches:

Power System Operator and its task is to control the transmission system, and provide a harmonized condition between the electricity consumers and producers (local generation and import).

Transmission Grid Operator and its task is to take care of the transmission lines, sub-stations, and transformers and other plants to be in a sound condition ensuring an electricity flow on regular basis and duly manner.

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