Legal and General Affairs Department

Legal and General Affairs Department:

  • organizes and coordinates the legal and general affairs
  • purposes an initiation of procedure for adoption of acts i.e. changes and supplements the existing acts in accordance with the legislation;
  • monitors Company’s organization and gives suggestions for better functionality;
  • is authorized by the Company to represent it before the Courts and other authorities, and gives legal help to the Company’s subsidiaries and departments;
  • deals with the property and legal matters in specified procedures and files the real property in the state institutions;
  • prepares draft proposals for acts;
  • prepares contracts and gives advices from legal context in terms of received offers and contracts;
  • reviews human resources, organizes vocational trainings and professional trainings for the employees, organizes occasional inspection of the professional competence of the workers for certain activities;
  • gives an expertise to the appeal body, in exercising the employment and labour rights
  • conducts administrative and vocational and administrative and technical activities in regards of the health insurance, registration/deregistration of employees in the Company;
  • organizes well-timed submittal of materials for meetings of the Board of Directors, Supervisory Board and other bodies within the Company, takes care of their quality and compliance to the law and acts of the Company, in cooperation with the Management Structure and Normative Matters Unit within the General Director’s Office
  • deals with the employees’ discipline within the Department;
  • organizes and provides regular, prompt, complete, and according to its context and scope, accessible announcement and information;
  • organizes and monitors Company’s security and safety;
  • collaborates with organizations and institutions from the same professional domain as the Department;
  • collaborates with institutes of science and law experts;
  • collaborates with relevant sectors for legal affairs from other transmission operators;
  • Carries out other activities from its scope of work;
  • Carries out other activities by authorization of the Board of Directors


The Legal and General Affairs Department is organized in the following structure:

  • Director
  • Office of the Director of the Legal and General Affairs Department
  • Legal Affairs Division
    • Legal Affairs Unit
    • Management Structure and Normative Matters Unit
  • Division of Property and Legal Affairs
    • Expropriation Unit
    • Geodetic Unit
    • Property and Evidence Management Unit
  • Division of Human Resources
    • Selection, Professional Development and Planning
    • Personnel and Administrative Affairs, Compensations and Benefits
  • General Affairs Division
    • Security Unit
    • General Affairs Unit
    • Archive
    • Cafeteria
    • Technical Maintenance and Hygiene Unit

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