Transmission Grid Operator

The Transmission Grid Operator (TGO) operates as a subsidiary under the license granted to AD MEPSO by the Energy Regulatory Commission, holding the distinction of being the largest in both scope of work and workforce within AD MEPSO.

Responsibilities of the TGO encompass the operational oversight of the 2300 km Overhead Transmission Line (OHTL), featuring 7040 towers at voltage levels of 35, 110, 220, and 400 kV. Additionally, the TGO manages five substations equipped with nine transformers totaling 3000 MVA at 400 kV and additional 52 substations at the 110 kV voltage level.

The organizational structure of TGO includes a Director Cabinet-Office, five departments, a Vehicle Fleet Unit, and an Occupational Safety and Health Unit Section (OSH).

Division of Transmission Lines

The OHTL division is responsible for the effectiveness of the transmission grid of Macedonia. The task of this division is to maintain a 2300 km transmission grid operated by AD MEPSO. To fulfil these duties, the division is structured into two units and one section, each comprised of well-trained experts dedicated to the meticulous maintenance of the transmission grid.


The OHTL Division includes: 


  • OHTL Maintenance Unit


The duties of this section include:

- Projects financed by EIB, EBRD, World Bank and AD MEPSO’s participation;

- Providing title deeds and preparation of documentation for facility use permit;  

- Tender documentation preparation and evaluation of offers; 

- Participation in project committees, revision of urban project documentation, et cetera.  


  • OHTL Maintenance Unit include: 


- Transmission line crew Skopje  

- Transmission line crew Bitola

- Transmission line crew Shtip

- Transmission line crew Ohrid

- Measurement Section.


This Unit is responsible for the reliability of the transmission lines as part of the power system. Their work activities comprise regular inspection and revision of the OHTLs, repairs and putting into operation the determined malfunctions during routine inspection. 

The crews for maintenance of the transmission line infrastructure have trained members capable of repairing any defect at the fastest pace, regardless of what caused it in the first place. The inspection of the transmission lines is done two times a year, in spring and autumn, followed by proper revisions.  


  • OHTL Corridors Maintenance Unit lists:

- Crew - Skopje,

- Crew – Bitola 

- Crew – Shtip

- Construction Maintenance Section – Ohrid. 


The Unit has an obligation to preserve the OHTLs clearances, removing the trees and vegetation that grow within the safety zone of the lines to keep the clearances clean, thus preventing eventual outages and defects on the transmission lines in advance. 

Moreover, the OHTL Corridors Maintenance Unit cleans the overgrown and overfilled tower foundations and maintains the access roads toward the towers. 

The fundamental operational data required by the Unit is derived from periodic reports submitted by the OHTL crews following their inspections.
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