Transmission Grid Operator

Under license issued by the Energy Regulatory Commission of the Republic of Macedonia,  MEPSO has established a Department for electricity transmission grid operator. This department is the largest in scope of operation and in number of employees within  MEPSO.

The Transmission grid operator is responsible for operation and functionality of over than 2.100 km transmission line grid and 148 power transformers of 6417 MVA installed capacity in over 50 sub-stations.

The TGO is responsible for operation and functionality of over than 2.100 km transmission line.

Division of Transmission Lines
Division of Transmission Lines consists of:

Unit for OHTL maintenance service includes:
  • OHTL crew Skopje
  • OHTL crew Bitola
  • OHTL crew Stip
  • OHTL crew Ohrid
Unit for OHTL coridors maintenance
This division is responsible for the operating of the power transmission system of Macedonia. This office is in charge of maintaining more than 2.000 km transmission grid operated by AD MEPSO. To accomplish this operation the office has four transmission line crews.  The crews are staffed by experts trained well to maintain the total power grid. Their duties include from regular grid inspections based on the results from the inspections, then follow revisions to the transmission lines on which repair is made and are put in function anything identified as a shortcoming and defect identified during the irregular inspection.
The transmission line crews also intervene during breakdowns and they members are trained to react very shortly and repair the defects that might occur for the reasons of atmospheric influences, overloading of grid or other adverse impacts. Inspections are made twice a year, in spring and autumn. After inspections spring and autumn revisions follow.

The measuring and development service is responsible to check the resistance of grounding of the transmission line towers. This office has a mobile crew measuring the grounding resistance on each tower location, on all transmission lines that MEPSO operates with. After the measuring made it analyzes the measured results and if needed provides for additional performance of grounding to tower locations where the results do not satisfy the prescribed technical standards.
Division of Relay Protection
Division of Rehabilitation
Department for technical control, maintenance and testing of substations
Department for substations

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