Power System Operator

The Power System Operator (PSO) in the MEPSO structure is organized as a department whose core activity and duty is control of transmission system in the Republic of Macedonia.

This function of the PSO is done through the Division of Operation Control and using the devices and equipment for operative control. Division of Technical Informatics  is in charge of the logistics, maintenance and development of power system control.

Division of Electricity Transmission System Control

Unit for transmission system control

THE UNIT FOR TRANSMISSION SYSTEM CONTROL performs the following activities:

  • Collection and archiving of data necessary to plan and analyze activities of the power system, preparation of reports for power system operation;
  • frequency regulation and capacity exchange (use of secondary regulation, activating the tertiary regulation, activating the reserve power in emergency cases in supplying the consumers with electricity), and regulation of voltage;
  • Following-up the power control (frequency, error in regulation area, voltage, flows of active and reactive energy);
  • Organization of repairs and maintenance activities for the transmission grid (approval of intervention activities, opening and closing operating licenses, manipulations for change of switching condition with elements from the transmission grid;
  • Putting into operation of newly constructed or reconstructed power facilities directly connected to transmission grid operated by MEPSO;
  • Operating activities: modification of daily operating plans of power system, modification of plan of activating the generating units, re-dispatching, analysis of safety at operation of power system in compliance with “N-1” criterion;
  • undertaking measures in case of disturbance to re-establish normal operating conditions of power system;
  • Defining priorities in carrying out activities in the transmission grid;
  • Analysis of safety of transmission system with regard to the proposed plan to activate the generating capacities.
Unit for Operational Planning
Unit for Organization and Management of the Balancing Energy Market

Division of Technical Information

Unit for SCADA/EMS

The Unit for SCADA/EMS is in charge of functioning of the computing configuration of the Energy Management System and/or a Technical Power System Control in the Republic of Macedonia. The computing configuration consists of hardware server platform SUN and operating and applicative software SIEMENS SINAUT Spectrum. In the domain of the activities of this unit are also the computing systems for remote monitoring and power facilities control – electricity transmission sub-stations 110/x and 400/110 kV. Within the division also functions the Automatic Meter Reading System installed in the facilities of  MEPSO and in the sub-stations separated between ELEM and EVN Macedonia.

Unit for AMR/MDM
Unit for SACS (System Automation Control Systems)
Unit for Electronic Highway

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