• NOSBiH on official visit to AD MEPSO

NOSBiH on official visit to AD MEPSO

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General Director of AD MEPSO, Mr. Orhan Murtezani, Director of Power System Operator, Mr. Borko Aleksoski and Director of IT-Department, Mr. Goce Talevski hosted the meeting with the Board of Directors of NOSBiH, led by Director Dr. Ahmed Ahmić.

At the working meeting, held at the premises of our company, the management teams of the two transmission power system operators from R.N. Macedonia and BiH as signatory countries to the Energy Community Treaty, exchanged experiences and information in the field of operational work and cooperation of power system operators from the region of Southeast Europe, in order to fulfil the obligations undertaken with the ENTSO-E membership.

In the spirit of further good mutual cooperation of AD MEPSO and NOSBiH, experiences from working in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and the energy crisis were exchanged, followed by information on current and future investment activities and projects of both companies, and new opportunities for cooperation between the transmission system operators were discussed as well.

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