AD MEPSO at the 16th International Council of BH K CIGRE

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During the past three days, the 16th consultation on large power systems organized by the Bosnia and Herzegovina CIGRE Committee held in Neum, BiH, brought together numerous experts, policymakers, representatives of energy companies from the region, and manufacturing companies.

Throughout the event, participants engaged in discussions, panel sessions, and expert presentations where they shared their experiences and proposed various technical solutions to address both current and future challenges encountered by nearly all power systems. These discussions primarily revolved around topics such as energy transition, the integration of new production capacities from renewable energy sources, improvements in transmission and distribution networks, and the refinement of regulatory and market mechanisms.

Notably, among the 133 registered papers, Vancho Shahpaski, Don Asprovski, and the director of TSO Gotse Mihajlovski delivered a presentation dedicated to the pressing issues in power system management, the influence of renewable energy sources, and the potential regulatory solutions within the power grid of RS Macedonia.

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