Safety Precaution!

Safety Precaution!

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AD MEPSO warns agrarians to exercise extreme caution when operating their equipment near transmission lines during the harvest and irrigation season. Please take note of the following guidelines:

  • Avoid passing with combine harvesters or other robust agricultural machinery underneath the conductors.
  • Do not install irrigation systems directly under or in close proximity to overhead power lines.
  • Refrain from placing metal pipes from irrigation systems beneath the conductors, as metal conducts electricity and poses a serious risk.
  • Avoid positioning irrigation nozzles underneath the conductors or within the clearances of the transmission lines. Any contact with an energized wire can be fatal for individuals beneath the transmission line corridor.
  • It is imperative not to burn stubbles near the transmission lines as it endangers the stability of the power system.
  • We kindly request anglers to be cautious when handling fishing rods near transmission lines and urge citizens to cease any ongoing civil works across the transmission line corridors beneath the conductors.

Let us act responsibly and prioritize the safety of ourselves and others.

Do not compromise the reliability of the power system.

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