Joint Meeting between AD MEPSO and Bulgarian ESO

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Today in Sofia, the Director-General of AD MEPSO, Orhan Murtezani and the Director of TSO, Borko Aleksoski met representatives from the Bulgarian power system ESO led by the Director-General Angelin Cacev and the Directorod NDC, Dimitar Zarcev.

The peak topics of the meeting were the future collaboration between AD MEPSO and ESO as cross-board capacities exchange at the Macedonian- Bulgarian border and its connection to the Joint Allocation Office in Luxemburg or Coordinate Auction Office in Montenegro. Under the flag of good cooperation of both power system operators, they have exchanged information regarding the steps to be undertaken for electricity markets connection under the “day ahead”, as well as a possible collaboration of the operators during the upcoming winter season, especially in events of faults and supplementary need of electric power.

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