• More than €100 Million Investments in the Power System for Secure and Reliable Electricity Supply
  • More than €100 Million Investments in the Power System for Secure and Reliable Electricity Supply
  • More than €100 Million Investments in the Power System for Secure and Reliable Electricity Supply
  • More than €100 Million Investments in the Power System for Secure and Reliable Electricity Supply
  • More than €100 Million Investments in the Power System for Secure and Reliable Electricity Supply

More than €100 Million Investments in the Power System for Secure and Reliable Electricity Supply

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The Vice President of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia in charge of economic issues and coordination of economic departments, Mila Carovska, together with the General Director of MEPSO, Eva Shukleva and the Director of the Resident Office of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Mr. Andi Aranitasi, today paid a working visit to the substation Skopje 4, which is in process of reconstruction.

The Vice President Carovska stated that this energy facility is of enormous significance for the supply of electric power to the citizens and companies in Skopje and its region, and for its reconstruction are allotted €4.9 million.

“In the past period, MEPSO showed that they can invest in reconstruction and construction of energy infrastructure, with an aim to provide more stable supply of electricity in our country. MEPSO carries out projects worth €100 million, partially funded by company’s funds, partially from international financial institutions, which indicates that the modernization and upgrade of the transmission system are priority to our country. This substation, Skopje 4, inter alia, supplies electric power to the companies from the technological industrial development zone Bunardzik, important for economic development, it also supplies the railway infrastructure, which we as a Government consider it important as well, and we invest in its development in order to offer safer transportation for our citizens and transport of goods. The reconstruction of this substantial energy facility, directly affects the improvement of the economy through increased electricity supply stability, for both the households and larger industrial capacities, domestic and foreign investments”, specified the Vice President for economic issues, Carovska.

The General Director of MEPSO, Eva Shukleva, specified that substation Skopje 4 is a very important node for electricity supply for the consumers of Skopje and the surrounding.

Important distributive substations are connected to this transmission substation, such as:

  • SS Jug Nova, which supplies part of the downtown area;
  • SS Aerodrom, main supply point in Municipality of Aerodrom;
  • SS Istok, which supplies electricity to the industrial zone in the eastern part of Skopje;
  • SS Drachevo, which supplies electricity for the whole region of the Municipality of Kisela Voda including the industrial zone in Drachevo;
  • Substation of Zheleznica;
  • Industrial zone Bunardzik and International Airport Skopje;
  • City of Veles
  • At 400 kV voltage level, the substation is connected with SS Skopje 5, the northern part of Skopje, whose connection continues towards Kosovo, SS Dubrovo (near TP Negotino) and SS Bitola 2 (REK Bitola).

“The reconstruction covers replacement of the old and wasted equipment that operates around 45 years, with new modern high-voltage equipment. The Contractor for execution of the activities is the company “Koncar KET” from Croatia, and in the project is included the Macedonian company Temel Proekt as Sub-contractor, which is indicator that MEPSO gives important contribution to the economy. The realization of the project occurs according to the determined work dynamics. The Contract has entered into force at the beginning of 2019, with plan for its realization of 30 months. The reconstruction covers: replacement of all switchess, post insulators and metering substations in transformer and metering bays on 400 kV voltage level, replacement of all disconnectors with new foundations and supports, switches and metering transformers on 110 kV (SCADA) as well as relay protection systems. The project is worth €4.9 million, a loan funded by the EBRD. The process of revitalization will result in better reliability and quality in the electricicity supply, and at the same time it will lower the risks of outages and defects, on the other hand it will minimize the costs for maintenance and exploitation of the facility”, pointed out Shukleva.

The representative of EBRD, Mr. Andi Aranitasi, expressed his pleasure that with the Bank’s support, important infrastructural undertakings in the power transmission system are being realized, which denotes stability and reliability in the electric power supply for the citizens and business sector.

“It gives me a great pleasure to witness the ongoing rehabilitation of Skopje 4 substation, which is crucial energy infrastructure for stabile electricity supply of the capital. This work is part of a EUR 25 Million rehabilitation project financed by the EBRD, consisted of rehabilitation of five substations and seven 110 kV transmission lines all across the Country. The ongoing works on Skopje 4 substation include entire rehabilitation with procurement of HV equipment, remote control and relay protection of the 110kV and 400kV part. This will provide decrease of technical losses, improve the reliability of the network and security of supply, and will contribute for further strengthening of the power system in the country. We look forward to working together with MEPSO for the successful implementation of this important project and to continue our excellent co-operation in the Energy sector in the Country. We see this project as a confirmation of our commitment to the Country and the Region and we are determined to build on the strong foundations we jointly have established to expand our activities.” said the President of the Representative Office of EBRD in N. Macedonia, Aranitasi.

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