Site Visit: Construction of 110 kV OHTL SS Veles – SS Ovche Pole

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The construction of the 110 kV transmission line linking Velos and Ovche Pole continues without interruption. Today, the Director General of AD MEPSO, Syrija Rashidi, Deputy Director Nikola Rilak and the project team visited multiple construction sites near Mamutchevo village and the Lozovo municipality, where planned construction activities are in progress.

The consortium, comprised of Dalokovod and Elnos, successfully installed four new lattice steel towers and concurrently conducted land clearance and excavation for several other tower locations.

The rehabilitation of this transmission line is taking place along the existing route of an overhead power line dating back to 1960.

The modernization of this transmission network holds significant importance, particularly considering the growing trend towards expanding capacities for electricity generation from renewable energy sources.

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