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A Working Meeting Between AD MEPSO And IPTO Managements

On January 16, 2020, AD MEPSO’s team led by the General Director Eva Shukleva MSc held a working meeting with the team of the Hellenic Electricity Transmission System Operator – IPTO led by CEO Manos Manousakis in the headquarters of AD MEPSO in Skopje.

The working teams of both neighbouring transmission system operators exchanged experiences and information regarding the operational performance and the regional collaboration of the system operators from the Southeast European region, in the aspect of the fulfilment of the obligations due to their membership in ENTSO-E, taking into consideration the European regulations from the field of electric power engineering.

In the spirit of good cooperation between the two system operators, information about the current and future investment activities and projects of both companies were exchanged, thus in the meeting, new possibilities for future collaborations between both companies were discussed.