Испрати по е-пошта

Division of Relay Protection

The Division in its composition unites two units:
  • Unit of testing the relay protection and secondary connections;
  • Unit of analyses and calculations of electricity relay protection;
  • Unit for maintenance of equipment for relay protection;

The Division of Relay Protection is in charge of the soundness and operation of relay protection in the power transmission system. Any element in the transmission system: transmission line, power transformer, busbars, energy cable and other equipment must be protected with suitable protection.

A sound and selective operation of the relay protection is the top priority for ensuring safety of people and equipment connected with the power system in the Republic of Macedonia, and at the same time for the quality and constant supply to consumers in the system. As the result of this, the division tests the relay protection every year and, if needed, reacts or replaces it with a new one. Tests are made by experts employed in AD MEPSO who have all the necessary certificates and has been trained in training centers at all well-known manufacturers of relay protection and testing equipment worldwide. They operate the most sophisticate equipment and one of the main priorities of the division is to follow-up and applies the latest achievements in the world of this area. For all this it can be concluded that the division actively follows all the latest activities in the field of relay protection, and actively participate in international workshops and trainings.

The division is also responsible for selective functioning of the relay protection in the electricity transmission system having the most sophisticated software necessary to make all the accounts and check up of selectivity of the relay protection. In the event of outage in the power system the division actively participate in the analysis of the outage and proposes measures to enable more quality electricity supply to all consumers in the power system as much as possible.

The Division of Relay Protection actively participate in the development of the power system of the Republic of North Macedonia including in the construction of all new facilities in the electricity transmission system. It actively participates also in the construction of all international connections with the neighbouring countries and maintains permanent relations and holds meetings with the appropriate authorities working within the framework of TSO in the neighbouring countries.