Испрати по е-пошта

About EMO


Electricity market operator is an instance which organizes operationally the electricity market in the Republic of Macedonia. The market operator is a synonym i.e. the popular name for the electricity market operator licensed by the Energy Regulatory Commission operating within AD MEPSO with the following obligations and authorizations:

(1) Organizing, efficient opertion and electricity market development in compliance with the principles of publicity, transparency, non-discrimination and competition, rendering of services being in its responsibility under the law and the conditions provided in the license;
(2) Preparing and providing information to power system operator necessary to draw up the dispatching timetable;
(3) Keeping of records with regard to physical electricity transactions based on information about purchase transactions and electricity transit submitted by electricity market users;
(4) Preparing calculations with regard to electricity received, transmitted and delivered among electricity market participients including unbalances occurred between announced and realized transactions and calculations and submitring calculations to power system operator;
(5) Providing confidentiality about commercial and business data that the market participants are liable to provide to it.